The residential tenancy market is booming in the UK. Many young people find it difficult to get onto the property ladder and as an alternative are living in rented accommodation.

With this growing need for long term accommodation also comes the need for Landlords and Tenants to have recourse to the legal system. The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) have looked into the idea of a ‘Housing Court’ which has received the backing of Sajid Javid MP (the current Secretary of State for Housing).

Landlords often find themselves taking action against their Tenants for the late payment of rent to evict them. Some Landlords find themselves frequent users of their local county courts, who along with other types of cases, currently hear Landlord and Tenant cases.

The RLA criticises the current country court model which requires Landlords to serve Notices before eviction proceedings can begin. The process from start to finish can take months during which the Tenant is unlikely to pay the rent. They have called for a simplified process, overseen by a Tribunal to improve access to justice and to support Landlords who are providing a much needed housing stock in the UK.

It remains to be seen whether the proposals are implemented especially given the recent budget cuts and court closures.


In the meantime the quickest way to evict a Tenant is to implement the ‘Accelerated Possession Procedure’ and serving a Section 21 Notice. For advice and assistance on how to follow this process and what Landlords must do to qualify for this process please contact Susan Lewis on 01924 387110.

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