Jordans Solicitors is proud to hire apprentices and as part of National Apprenticeship Week 2018 we have asked our apprentices what it means for them to be an apprentice. Here is what they all had to say:-


Amy Lindop Trainee Administration Assistant:-

“From becoming a Trainee Administrative Assistant though an apprenticeship scheme I have gained important skills, experience while getting paid and working towards getting a national recognised NVQ qualification. This works for me as I have always been eager to get into working life since leaving high school. I think being an apprentice works for Jordans as they can train people with no experience to their standards and procedures rather than employ someone with previous experience which may cause problems and confusion.”


Keelie Marsh Trainee Paralegal:-

“I first came to Jordans in August 2015 to do a 2 year apprenticeship in business administration, following which I started a CILEx paralegal apprenticeship in the private client department. Apprenticeships have enabled me to establish a career which I thoroughly enjoy and am able to progress in. The on-the-job training within an Apprenticeship allows me to experience and learn things which you can’t find in a textbook. Jordans have been a great support through my studies and training; they enable me to learn through the experiences and expertise of legally qualified professionals in order to develop my own legal knowledge.”


Ellie Greatorex Trainee Administration Assistant:-

“It works for me as I am getting paid while also getting a qualification which wouldn’t be happening if I was still at college plus I think it works well for Jordans as they can have someone work for them helping other fee earners workload.”


Lauren Madeley Trainee Paralegal:-

“Being an apprentice at Jordans Solicitors has allowed me to broaden my skills in many different areas and has enabled me to grow confidence by speaking to a range of different clients. It has allowed me to challenge myself in many different ways and I experience what it is like to work in a law firm while still learning.”


The theme for the #NAW2018 is ‘Apprenticeships Work’. Showcasing how apprenticeships work:

  • for individuals
  • for employers
  • for the community
  • for the wider economy

Further information can be found online here.

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