A former MP is helping to raise money for a memorial to the victims of an unknown mining disaster in 1821 at Norcroft Colliery near Barnsley. He aims to raise £1500 to fund a memorial for six victims that unfortunately died in the devastating disaster and are now buried at All Saints Church in Cawthorne.

A group of 11 men and boys were ascending a mineshaft after a shift. They plunged about 180 ft. (55m) to the bottom with only one surviving. 9 of the group died within a day. The other person died a fortnight later according to a contemporary letter.

Former Wakefield MP, David Hinchliffe said ‘’it’s an unknown disaster, with unmarked graves, it has been forgotten’’.

David Hinchliffe was the Wakefield MP between 1987 and 2005. He knew nothing about the unfortunate disaster until researching his family history. When researching he found out that the youngest boy who died at only 8 years old, was actually the son of his great great grandparents.

Mr Hinchliffe plans on raising £1500 and has had permission granted to put a stone memorial in the churchyard. On Friday the 16th March 2018, the former MP held a successful fundraising event with 100 attendees making him a third of the way to his target.

David Hinchliffe hopes a memorial will be in place by the bicentenary of the 1821 disaster.


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