New figures from the HMRC show that inheritance tax receipts have grown by 13 % over the past 12 months, a record increase, reaching £5.3 billion in the year to end of February 2018.

The increase in inheritance tax (IHT) has been partly attributed to the rise in property prices. It is also possible that this is because of increasing death rates.

However, the introduction of a residence nil rate band last year gives individuals the opportunity to reduce the amount of IHT paid. For deaths from 6 April 2018, this will allow an additional £125,000 of an estate to pass before IHT is paid, if their main residence is passed to qualifying descendants. This allowance will increase each year until 2020/21, when £175,000 will be available (£350,000 for a couple). This means that after that date, a couple will be able to pass up to £1,000,000 before IHT becomes payable.

Use of this additional allowance can be achieved through suitable arrangements in your Wills. Even if a person has died without a Will which allows these reliefs to be utilised, it may be possible to vary the terms of the Will to do so.

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