There have been a few recent stories in the news of people bringing fake claims for holiday illness and being penalised by the Courts for doing so. At Jordans we want to reassure you that if you have suffered a genuine illness or injury whilst on holiday we are here to help.

Many of us spend all year planning and waiting for that one or two weeks when we can escape from the day to day routine and either explore a new destination or relax by a swimming pool or beach enjoying the sun. We check the passports, print the boarding passes, pack the suitcase and look forward to a well earned break. Unfortunately, not all holidays go to plan.

Whether it is the time spent recovering from a bout of food poisoning, or the unexpected trip to the hospital because you have fallen over a broken tile by the swimming pool, if you have suffered an injury or experienced a period of illness during your holiday you may be entitled to claim compensation.

If you went out for food at a restaurant in the United Kingdom and subsequently suffered from food poisoning you would probably ask for an explanation from the restaurant involved and may be entitled to pursue a claim for compensation. Similarly, if you tripped over a defective pavement whilst going about your day to day life, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation to the organisation responsible for maintaining that area.

Hotel owners offering holidays to British holidaymakers owe you a duty of care to keep you safe during your stay. That duty requires owners to keep public areas in a good state of repair and free from hazards and to ensure that any food served is cooked correctly and meets appropriate food safety standards. Just like in the United Kingdom, if you suffer illness or injury due to a failure by the hotel to meet its duty you may be entitled to pursue a claim for compensation for the injuries you suffered.

Ahead of the main holiday season this summer the media appear keen to highlight the consequences of making a false holiday illness claim. There have been two recent cases involving people bringing fake claims for illness suffered whilst on holiday resulting in those involved being handed jail sentences. In both cases there were photographs to show that there was no truth to the allegations made.

Holidays are supposed to be a time of relaxation and fun. If you have genuinely suffered illness or injury whilst on holiday you should not be discouraged from seeking compensation and we recommend you seek independent legal advice from a trusted firm.


Here at Jordans Solicitors we have an experienced personal injury team with the expertise and commitment to assist you claim compensation for injuries or illness suffered whether on holiday or not. If you would like to speak with a member of our Personal Injury team to find out how we can help you please call 01924 457 171 or request a callback.

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