Telford Council has commissioned an immediate inquiry into current and historical child sexual abuse in Telford.

Recently Councillors had called for the Government to lead an inquiry, as it was thought that the Government would be seen as more independent and would have greater powers to obtain evidence. The Government rejected this suggestion.

Shaun Davies, Council Leader said that “he had come to the conclusion that any investigation was better than none.” Labour Councillors backed a motion by Conservative Councillors to set up an independent Council led inquiry.

Councillors had been very concerned about any delay in the commencement of an investigation.

A statement on behalf of the victims, read by Conservative Councillor Nicola Lowery, said:

“We deserve answers, our families deserve answers, answers the national inquiry will take years to deliver.
The inquiry needs to start now. Things need to change. We want to be part of that change.”

Lee Carter Labour Councillors at a recent meeting said, the Council is “going to move very quickly”.
“This town is hurting,” he said. “We’ve got to do everything we can to put this right.”

In 2016, the Council published a review into Child Sexual Exploitation in the town following the arrest of 7 men in 2012 as part of West Mercia Police’s Operation Chalice.

The report concluded that it was “clear that CSE is still taking place in Telford and Wrekin, although the true scale of this crime is unknown”.

In 2015, according to Home Office figures, Telford and Wrekin recorded more child sex offences per capita than anywhere else in England and Wales.



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