It was reported in the Law Society Gazette that two solicitors from Bury firm, Isaac Abrahams, have recently been struck off the roll of Solicitors by the Solicitors Regularity Authority following multiple failures in running industrial deafness cases.  The firm ceased trading in 2016 when the SRA intervened in the practice.

It has emerged that 60 deafness cases were struck out by the Bolton County Court due to a number of improper procedural issues.  Whilst, this is a clearly an extreme example it does represent something of trend which has occurred over the last few years.

In April 2013 the Jackson reforms lowered solicitor’s fees in respect of simple personal injury cases and changed the costs risks for personal injury and disease claimants.  This created an environment where some firms who had previously specialised in road traffic accident cases began taking on noise induced hearing loss cases on an industrial scale (if you’ll pardon the pun) in the belief that this was a way to increase revenues.

Some firms who took this change of tack invested in the necessary training and recruitment to make this change successfully but regrettably others did not.  This has led to cases being poorly run, failures to obtain medical evidence and like in the most recent example cases being struck out

Another feature of this case which is sadly becoming more prevalent is that it appears that there has been an element of cover-up and a lack of frankness from the solicitors after mistakes were made.  This is clearly completely unacceptable and it is reassuring the regulator has taken such firm action.

The net result of in this instance and we suspect many others is that clients who have instructed firms in good faith have been badly let down.  In certain circumstances those clients may have a professional negligence claim.


At Jordans Solicitors we have a team of professional negligence solicitors who can provide assistance in these circumstances; we have a longstanding history of assisting victims of industrial disease who have been badly let down by the solicitors pursuing the original claim if you have had problems with a deafness claim please feel free to contact us free on 0330 300 1103 for a confidential and free initial discussion.

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