The Wakefield Artwalk is taking place again this month and once again Jordans Solicitors Wakefield office located in the iconic Unity Hall are taking part.

Our doors will be open between 5pm & 8pm and this month we will be showcasing artwork by 17 year old art student Sabha Shafiq who creates portraiture of people.

Actors from the Maze Runner series of films

Actors from the Maze Runner series of films

Sabia Shafiq says of herself and her work:-

I am a 17 year old aspiring artist! I am currently studying an Art & Design course at the Creative and Media Studio School in Huddersfield. As a young girl, art had always been, and still is, my hobby and my favourite thing to do and I was constantly surrounded and inspired by objects and people around me, and now, growing up, I have decided that art is something I would like to pursue as a career. My main focus is primarily portraiture and I am inspired by people around the world whom I look up to, as well as creating fan-art for people in my favourite shows, or of my favourite singers; this allows me to bring out parts of my personality and my interests.

My work, (/fan-art), has been noticed a few times by the people who have been drawn by me, and this is also another element of motivation and inspiration that drives and motivates me to do what I do! I have a platform on social media that allows me to reach out to many people from around the world and share my art with them, constantly getting love and support for me and my work!

I really enjoy drawing and painting and I hope to inspire and encourage people with my own art! Thank you for taking the time out to look at my work, it is much appreciated!

Shawn Mendes - Canadian Singer

Shawn Mendes – Canadian Singer

To view more of Sabha’s work visit:

In addition to the exhibition Jordan’s will be having a poetry reading by Angie de Courcy Bower & Michael Yates from 7pm. We hope to see you there.

Manu Rios - Youtube Singer

Manu Rios – Youtube Singer

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