Martin Reader, the Chair of the Boarding School’s Association (BSA) at their annual conference in Brighton has commented, “Boarding Schools must correct the wrongs of the past and create obstructive obstacles to deter abusers.”

Addressing the Boarding School’s Association Conference he said,

“It is to our great shame that there have been those adults at our schools who have used their positions of power to abuse those they were supposed to be looking after, or have failed to use their positions of power to stand up against those abusers, putting school reputations before children.”

“We are deeply sorry to the victims and survivors of the abuse that happened in our schools and are thoroughly committed to making our schools as safe as possible.”

The BSA has drawn up a safeguarding charter, “to put in measures to safeguard children in their care.” The legislation will introduce more training and compel witnesses to report cases of sexual abuse. It is currently lobbying the Government to introduce the legislation.

Mr Reader who is also the headmaster of Cranleigh School has announced that his aim is that, “every abuser to look at every boarding school and see that our shared cultural attitudes, our policies and procedures are such obstructive obstacles that they will not work in our schools.”

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