In March allegations that up to 1000 girls had been victims of child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Telford were made. Further evidence has now come to light to show that the Telford CSE perpetrators, “targeted nightclub events for under 18’s in Shropshire.”

A report prepared ahead of the Council’s planned meeting to discuss CSE next week says that, “people from Telford have been found targeting events at The Buttermarket in Shrewsbury.”

The report has said, “Several high profile operations within the evening night time economy have taken place to prevent CSE in Shrewsbury. Consequently perpetrators from Telford have been disrupted and dispersed from U18 events at Buttermarket.”

Martin Monahan owner of the The Buttermarket has responded by saying, “Our under-18 events are only attended by those who are under 18. We work very closely with the police and all of the other agencies to ensure that safety is of particular importance.”

The report has also identified 67 children at risk in the county, of the 67, 15 are at high risk and 27 are medium risk.

Shropshire’s CSE profile tends to be the ‘boyfriend’ model, or friend of a friend of older sibling, online relationship, and issues around social media accounts, we have not, to date, identified any organised gang related CSE. Drug use and its use as a tool to engage children into sexual activity remains the number one theme in referrals in Shropshire.”

Shropshire Council has confirmed that since the events in Shrewsbury it has “increased the presence of street pastors.”

Conservative Telford MP Lucy Allan has commented, “I welcome all activities to prevent CSE from taking place and I urge our local police to continue to monitor known perpetrators as well as under-18 events.”

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