Going through a divorce or separation can be emotionally difficult for those enduring it. At Jordans Solicitors we have experienced family lawyers that are used to seeing the distress and upset caused by relationship breakdown. After the upset and tears usually comes anger.

Ant McPartlin’s ex-wife has shown some of that this week when she has said she will take Ant for “every penny” that he has. Can she? Will she?

It’s very likely she won’t succeed in her attempt to get everything. When the courts consider finances following the breakdown of a marriage or a civil partnership the courts try and achieve fairness, the starting point is equality with other factors being taken into account to determine whether equality should be departed from.

Conduct (unless extremely serious) is not usually a reason for the court to depart from equality – so if your spouse has been unfaithful the courts won’t penalise him/her financially as a result of their behaviour.

So Lisa Armstrong may struggle to get “every penny” but anger usually abates. With our experienced family law solicitors and their guidance and knowledge of matrimonial/family law we will always try and achieve the best possible outcome for you when you may be at your lowest or angriest.


If you require advice or assistance in relation to any of these issues or other family law matters at Jordans Solicitors we have a dedicated family law team who can help. Please dial 01924 387 110 and ask to speak with a member of the family law team or visit our website and request a call back.

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