Bryan Davies, ex-Deputy Principle of Ystrad Hall Children’s home has been convicted of sexual offences at Mold Crown Court. Davies had denied 29 charges and put the victim through a 6 week trial before being found guilty of 15 offences of indecent assault and 4 of illegal sexual acts. The offences related to his employment at Ystrad Hall and an annex named Erianfa, run at the time by Car Concern, a private ltd company.

After being arrested and interviewed he had fled to Malta and had to be extradited in order to be tried. Davies also had a conviction from the 1970’s when he admitted 2 offences against children at the home.

The current charges also included 8 charges relating to offences between 2007 and 2013 which related to making indecent images of children and also inciting young boys to indulge in sexual acts over the internet. He was also found guilty of these later offences.

Judge Rees due to sentence Davies stated that he would be facing “an extremely substantial” sentence.


Jordans have acted for a number of individuals who have suffered abuse by Davies and have represented them in civil claims. Care Concern who ran the home no longer exist as a company. In such circumstances we have to locate insurers from the time if we want to be able to recover compensation. our experienced legal team have used their skill and experience to locate insurers in these cases.

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