“Purple Summer” is a campaign to raise awareness about child sexual abuse and to encourage victims to “speak out” about what has happened to them.

“Purple Summer” has been launched today by David Lean who has spoken about the abuse he suffered by former Manchester City Coach Barry Bennell.

To date, thousands of people have come forward to support the campaign by wearing purple clothes and posting pictures on social media.

It is hoped that the campaign will help to end the stigma about talking about child abuse and encourage victims to ask for help.
David Lean has made the following statement:

“I know it’s a cliché, that if we save just one person it’s just one person, but that person at this moment in time could be a neighbour of a child who has been abused and that person could think that they’re going to make contact with the police or make contact with the NSPCC.
Something could spark off the back of this and if it does help just one person then it has been a success.
Doing things like this brings people forward. Last year we had a disclosure on social media, so there’s people coming out of that hell and communicating. It can really make a difference; it brings children forward, teenagers forward, and parents forward.
We’re really hopeful that just by doing this day it will start conversations. We just want to do something that’s inclusive, it doesn’t matter what age you are, what sex you are, what religion you are. It’s just something to get involved with and if we can come together on this one day and make a difference, that’s what I want to achieve.”

You can get involved in the campaign by using the hashtag #purplesummer on social media.


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