The trial of Bob Higgins is continuing at the Salisbury Crown Court. Higgins is facing 50 charges of indecent assault against 24 victims.

The assaults are alleged to have “predominantly taken place within the football community.” The Court has heard how young players had to “grin and bear” the abuse and how they had “no choice other than to accept the abuse.”

The abuse is alleged to have taken place at Higgins’ home, in his car, on ferries going to competitions and on training camps.

One victim has given evidence how Higgins would give massages to the boys. “You would lie face down on the floor and he would get the soapy water out. You would be naked, head to toe and he would massage you from top to bottom. He would touch you everywhere. He massaged everything: your buttocks, inner thighs. We all sort of grinned and beared it. It’s like being in the army. If you are told to run through a wall you do it.”

Another victim has described to the Court how he was abused by Higgins in Higgins’ home. He told the Court how Higgins’ wife would go to bed early leaving you alone with Higgins.

“One time I stayed there and I was so scared of being alone with him I ran from the dinner table and vomited in the sink. From that day I’ve had a phobia of eating at other people’s houses. It terrified me so much at the time.”

In Court Higgins has been described as a

“predatory paedophile who used his supreme power to allegedly carry out a campaign of sexual abuse against schoolboy footballers for more than 25 years.”

Higgins denies the charges and the trial continues.


Jordans Solicitors represent victims who have suffered abuse whilst participating in sporting activities and are representing victims of abuse by Bob Higgins. Where a person abuses their position of trust and commits an act of assault a claim may be possible. We would encourage anyone affected to report their allegations to the Police and contact Jordans to pursue a civil claim We can be contacted free on 033 0300 1103 or you can request a call back.

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