For those following the case of Rebecca Steinfield and Charles Keidan, they are the couple who have challenged through the courts for the right to make civil partnerships available to mixed-sex couples, the landmark decision at the Supreme Court has been delivered this week.

The couple have won their claim to open up civil partnerships to mixed-sex couples, and the Supreme Court was unanimous in their decision. They also made it clear that the government had failed to explain satisfactorily why denying civil partnerships to heterosexual couples could be justified.

The inequality was created when same-sex couples were allowed to marry in 2013 but failed to solve any discrimination against mixed-sex couples. The Judgment also found that the current status of the law is incompatible with the Human Rights Act.

Whilst this significant ruling means that the government need to look at the current law urgently to resolve the discrimination against mixed-sex couples, it does not mean that the government or parliament is obliged to act. This is a landmark victory in the movement to make civil partnerships available to all regardless of gender or sexual orientation and continues to be well supported by the public.


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