James Gavin, 82, has been jailed for 17 years for sexually abusing a boy in his care. He has been found guilty of four counts of indecent assault and one count of an attempted serious sexual assault on a child.

The offences took place in the 1970’s when Gavin worked as a Social Worker; it was through this role that he gained access to his victim. At the time the victim, a young boy, was living at foster homes and the Foxholes Children’s Home in Rochdale.

The Court heard that Gavin sexually abused the victim “on a number of occasions. He would often drive the victim to a location where he would sexually assault him.”

The victim was unable to tell his carers about the abuse he was suffering as he was frightened that he would “get into trouble or not be believed.” He was also threatened not to tell anyone by Gavin. He found the courage to report his allegations to the Police in 2015. The Police investigated his complaints and arrested Gavin. Gavin denied the allegations against him.

PC Bancroft from Greater Manchester Police’s Rochdale Borough made the following statement after Gavin was sentenced:

“Gavin preyed on a vulnerable boy who should have been cared for and supported during an unsettling time in his life. Instead, for his own sick sexual gratification, he sexually abused him knowing the distress it would cause. Not once did he care about the emotional damage he was inflicting on an innocent child, who has had to carry this pain with him his entire life.”

Ms Bancroft added: “Gavin is a twisted, manipulative predator and thanks to the courage of the victim, his patience and his strength, he is now where he belongs.”


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