Divorce is named as one of life’s most stressful events. Whilst this difficult time can be damaging to both parties during the divorce, sadly the impact on the children is not always at the forefront of a couple’s mind at this time and how it can affect their health.

New research suggests that when a marriage is brought to an end, if not handled well by the parents children can suffer the side effects. Data shows children whose parents had divorced were twice as likely to develop medical problems such as stomach issues, neurological (nervous system) problems, and skin conditions as other children from married families.

In addition to physical health issues, the impact can also affect their mental health causing emotional and behavioural problems as research shows these are more common in children with parents that are fighting or separating.

In order to reduce the consequences of this, it is important to make sure the children are supported through this difficult transition and to promote their wellbeing. There is support available through a variety of professionals who work around protection and prevention and are trained to work closely with children such as counsellors, care workers and school staff. If managed sensitively, most children can adapt well to their new circumstances and do not have difficulties in the longer term.


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