Two former divers are suing USA Diving, the National Governing Body,for “ignoring or obstructing allegations that a coach sexually abused them.”

The divers have alleged that Bohonyi, who was a coach at Ohio State University Diving Club, “coerced and forced the divers into frequent sex telling them, you owe me this.”

Bohonyi was employed as a part time assistant diving coach from 2012 to 2014. He has been listed as a banned coach since 2015 on USA Diving’s list, but it is alleged that this action was not taken until 6 months after the club’s investigated one of the diver’s complaints. It is alleged that they were provided with a copy of the complaint at the time of their investigation.

One of divers states that it was during this period that she was sexually abused by Bohonyi. It is stated that the diver who was a girl and hoping to compete in the Olympics was, “forced to perform sex acts numerous times while she was a minor. She also sent him hundreds of naked photos.” The law suit alleges that she was “psychologically coerced” by Bohonyi to do this. It is alleged that Bohonyi “led her into believing that she was required to perform sexual services in exchange for her continued involvement in diving.”

The lawsuit also alleges that “Bohonyi preyed on her age, vulnerability and dreams of becoming an Olympian and used the power structure and imbalance of power (coach/athlete) to make her believe she was required to sexually service him in exchange for her involvement in diving for Team USA.”

It is also alleged that the club, “has had possession of the naked photos for almost four years and no action has been taken.”
The other diver alleges that Bohonyi sexually abused her from 2009 and during this time she was coerced into performing daily sex with Bohonyi.

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