A Police Officer and a Welsh Government lawyer have been jailed for child abuse offences after meeting on the social media chat forum “Kik”.

Dean Roberts, a South Wales Police Officer has been jailed for 12 years after admitting one count of rape and 5 indecent assaults. He also admitted aiding and abetting Roberts to commit sexual assault. He was dismissed from the Police in June. Cardiff Crown Court also heard how he would film children in public places such as swimming pools and supermarkets.

John Ryan-Guess, a lawyer has been jailed for 20 years for 37 charges including sexual assault of a child, possessing and distributing indecent images of children, inciting a child into sexual activity, aiding and abetting a child into sexual exploitation and possessing extreme porn.

The Police found images of Ryan-Guess’s phone of him carrying out sexual assaults on children. He told the Police, “he had been interested in young girls all his life and found them arousing.” He said, “He felt that Kik normalised his behaviour because he could chat to and share material with like minded people.”

Roberts shared thousands of images on “kik” and on one occasion streamed a live image of him abusing a child.”

The Court heard that Ryan–Guess and Roberts discussed abusing children and shared indecent images on the site. They had also met for a “sexual encounter.”

A spokesman for the NSPCC has made the following statement:

“Ryan-Guess and Roberts committed a series of appalling and grave offences against young children, including rape in the case of Roberts who was a serving police officer.

The danger both men pose is reflected in the long jail terms they will now serve, while their victims will now need a great deal of support to recover.

Abusers increasingly use the internet not only to target and groom their young victims, but to communicate with each other. This case shows again how sickening child abuse footage is often shared within groups of like-minded offenders.

It is why the NSPCC is campaigning for tough measures to compel social media companies to do everything possible to protect children while they are online and to prevent the circulation of vile images of abuse.”

They have urged social media companies to do more to protect children online.


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