Between 1945 and 1970 thousands of children were forcibly sent abroad as part of a resettlement scheme. The individuals are suing the Government over the abuse they suffered when they were relocated.

The scheme was managed by the Catholic Church and a number of charities on behalf of the Government.

According to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) many children, “suffered sexual and emotional abuse as well as forced labour. Some were also wrongly told that they were orphans, depriving them of the opportunity of meeting their birth parents.”

In 2010 Prime Minister Gordon Brown apologised to the victims on behalf of the Government. In March this year the IICSA said,“Survivors should receive financial compensation within 12 months.”

There are approximately 2000 child migrants who suffered abuse and to date the Government has failed to set up a compensation scheme.
The BBC has reported,

“many of the migrants feel time is running out as most are elderly, and some are frail.”

The victim’s representative has made the following statement:

“The Government needs to step up to the plate and bring into force its redress scheme. Compensation can never put matters right, that’s impossible and it would be insulting to suggest otherwise. But it is action; it is a recognition that meets the words that have been spoken by the politicians.”

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