Terence Grigg a former vicar of St Mary’s Church in Cottingham, East Yorkshire has been found guilty of sexually abusing, “four vulnerable boys”.

Reverend Canon Terence Grigg, 84 denied 15 charges of sexual offences relating to the period of 1983 and 1996. The offences relate to 4 victims who were vulnerable due to their age or personal circumstances, one boy was aged 10 years old when the abuse began.

At the end of a three week trial at the Hull Crown Court, Grigg was convicted of 14 charges; twelve charges of indecent assault and two serious sexual sex offences and was jailed for 12 years.

The Court heard that he identified victims who were vulnerable and used this vulnerability for, “his own sexual gratification.” The assaults took place in various locations and on one occasion Grigg took a boy to London where he stayed with him in a hotel and took him to a gay bar. Grigg would kiss, molest and grope his victims and perform sexual acts in front of them.

The Court also heard that the Police had found videos in Grigg’s house featuring homosexual acts in 2016, which was evidence that, “even in 2016 he had a sexual interest in young men.”

One victim, the Court heard had reported allegations against Grigg to the then Bishop of Hull, James Jones, in the 1990s, but was told to drop the allegations.

On sentencing Grigg, Judge Rose said:

“Each of them and each of your congregants, and those in the higher echelons of the church, the bishops and archbishops, were deceived and misled and fooled by your outward appearance. For nearly ten years, you were in truth a sexual predator, choosing for your victims the vulnerable and unhappy. The trust placed in you as a priest was, as the jury has found, entirely misplaced.”

Judge Rose further said, “it had been a deplorable case and excused the jury any further jury service for ten years.”

The Diocese of York and the Bishop of Hull, the Right Reverend Alison White made the following statement:

“We offer to all of them an unreserved apology for the harm he did and for his abuse of the trust they placed in him.It’s taken many years of suffering and great courage for those who have come forward to help to secure his convictions.”


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