Yesterday Jordans Solicitors attended a training afternoon with the Centre for Women’s Justice.

This is a charity which was formed in 2016 to represent victims of male violence. Their aim is to bring together different organisations; lawyers, experts, survivors and support groups to support legal challenges and ensure access to justice to victims of male violence.

Their objectives are:

  1. To undertake strategic litigation and facilitate legal assistance in cases concerning male violence against women and girls;
  2. To provide a network and cross referral/link up service for women’s groups, lawyers, academics and other experts, journalists and politicians;
  3. To raise awareness on issues arising from and associated with the case work of the organisation and to be a focal point for the media on such issues;
  4. To monitor and challenge trends in policy, practice and men’s use of the law as it impacts on violence against women and girls.

Their aim is to help women and girls who have been subjected to male violence to access legal remedies. It is their view that by connecting specialist agencies and accessing the knowledge of different experts they will be able to maximise the representation they can offer to victims. In particular this will help them to identify particular cases to bring forward and support.

It was a very informative afternoon and it is great that the charity aims to have a presence in the North of England.

Please see the link for more information:

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