The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has published an online anthology of sexual abuse in institutions. This is an unprecedented move by the IICSA and it is hoped that it will encourage others to share their story.

125 victims have shared their experiences and their accounts have been made available as part of the inquiry’s Truth Project. The Truth Project is seen by the IICSA as an essential part of their inquiry and to ensure that survivors feel they have been listened to and to “challenge the stigma surrounding child abuse.”

Chair of the Inquiry, Professor Alexis Jay has said;

“The Experiences Shared online anthology serves as a testament to the experiences, reflections and recommendations of those victims who have bravely come forward. I hope it will inspire more victims to speak out at the Truth Project.”

60 accounts will be added to the anthology every 4 months, so by the conclusion of the inquiry 1000 accounts will have been published online. To date 6000 people have contacted the Truth Project and 1,800 people have shared their accounts.

A member of the inquiry’s victims and survivors’ consultative panel has commented that, “the inquiry has given me the opportunity to stand up and be counted,” she said. “What each and every person who has shared their experiences with the Truth Project needs to know is that you are making a difference, you are changing people’s lives and you are giving them strength and determination.”

The anthology is available to view on the IICSA’s Truth Project website.

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