A 6 year old boy has received £37 million in compensation from the NHS after treatment for an infection contracted after his birth was delayed by 2 days leaving him with life changing injuries.

The boy was born at Watford General Hospital and shortly afterwards developed an infection. The infection was not discovered until 2 days later, by which time it had caused irreversible damage to his brain. After identifying the infection, appropriate treatment was given to the boy but that treatment was provided too late to reverse the damage already caused. The boy was left with eyesight and communication problems, problems with his mental functioning and movement and behavioural issues.

The NHS Trust responsible for the hospital admitted the hospital was at fault for the boy’s life changing injuries and agreed to pay compensation. Due to the extent of the boy’s brain injury he will require 24 hour care for life. The compensation awarded includes a lump sum figure to cover the boy’s immediate needs as well as annual payments for the remainder of his life to cover his care requirements. The total award calculated over the remainder of the boy’s life is in the region of £37 million.

For many people pursuing a claim for compensation against the NHS, the hope is that the NHS will learn from their mistakes to prevent something similar happening to anybody else. Following the hearing the NHS’s representative apologised on behalf of the NHS for failing to provide the boy with the appropriate standard of care and reassured the public that lessons had been learnt and steps taken to prevent a similar incident happening again.


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