Sivaguru Narendran 78, a doctor at the Horder Centre Crowborough and Eastbourne District General Hospital, Sussex has been convicted of sexual assaults which took place in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Lewes Crown Court heard that Dr Narendran, “preyed on vulnerable young men after gaining their confidence.”

Narendran has been jailed for 12 years and has been given a lifetime sexual prevention order.

Detective Constable Tina Baptista made the following comment:

“These men have bravely come forward to report the abuse they had suffered at the hands of a man who they should have been able to trust.”

During his career, Narendran also worked at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital where Jimmy Saville abused dozens of patients. When he was working there in 1996 he was convicted of sexually abusing a 12 year old girl and was sentenced to 21 months in prison and was struck off the medical register.

On sentencing, Judge Shani Barnes said, “Narendran was held in highest by society but breached the trust of children in his care and was a predator of the worst kind. You will take responsibility for the devastation and destruction you have caused.”

Hugh French, prosecuting told the Court that the 4 complainants had independently come forward, one victim after watching a documentary on the Jimmy Saville case in April 2016.

The Court heard 1 complainant give evidence by video interview:

“He saw the orthopaedic doctor for a knee injury when he was around 12 years old in 1985. He was very friendly. He seemed sympathetic. He was a friendly guy.

After the consultation Narendran offered to play squash with him to help with his rehabilitation and the offer was accepted by his parents.

Narendran picked him up in his red Ford Sierra and took him to the hospital social club which had sports facilities. Things began to escalate on a subsequent appointment when Narendran took him to a hospital apartment.

He was given a Bacardi and coke to drink and Narendran said he could help him improve his science, handing him a book on anatomy which he would then instruct him on.

During one study session he was asked to lie on a bed and was then blindfolded with a yellow scarf with Narendran explaining it would help him to relax. Narendran then sexually assaulted him.

On another occasion Narendran tied him to the bed.”

He told the Court that the assaults happened regularly over a period of 12 months.

An NSPCC spokesperson said:

“Narendran held a trusted position but he used that trust to deceive his victims and their families and systematically abuse young boys in his care. His attacks must have been abjectly terrifying and once again cases like this show it is never too late to seek justice. His victims have been incredibly brave in coming forward and we hope they have received help and support to overcome their experiences.”

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