The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) has been subject to a review by the Victims’ Commissioner, Baroness Newlove. Her review has shown that victims are “needlessly” being forced to repeat the traumatic details of the crime they suffered.

Victims of sexual or violent crimes can claim compensation from the CICA for the injuries they have suffered. This money can assist them in recovering from their injuries; such as providing counselling.

The review showed that in every case the victim has to provide details of the crime they have suffered on the application form, but in every case the CICA apply to the Police for a copy of their statement and reports.

Baroness Newlove has stated that her review has showed that,” the need for the victim to repeat their story on their application form is unclear.” She further stated that, “Evidence demonstrates that completing this part of the CICA application form is highly traumatic as it re-triggers memories of the incident.”

The Ministry of Justice are considering the findings of the review. A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said:

“Whilst no amount of compensation can make up for the immense suffering endured by victims of violent crime, we are committed to ensuring that they receive the help and support needed to rebuild their lives.

We take this duty very seriously, which is why as part of our victims strategy last year we pledged to look at the difficulties faced by some when applying for compensation.”

Baroness Newlove has also asked the Ministry of Justice to review one of their rules which withholds compensation or part of the compensation from victims who have criminal records.

In 2017 concerns were raised about the CICA withholding compensation from victims on the basis that they consented to their attacks. Under pressure from charities this rule was changed.

The Ministry of Justice’s report on the findings are due later this year.


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