“That’s when good neighbours become good friends…” Isn’t that how it went? The reality can sometimes be very different, and for many of us the relationships between our neighbours aren’t quite like the close knit communities shown on soaps and dramas on our TV’s.

A study has shown that one in five Brits (19%) have been involved in a dispute with their neighbour. These problems often start as a fairly small disagreement and snowball in to something much bigger. Issues range from excessive noise to parking wars, tree trouble, not looking after shared facilities and boundary disputes amongst many more.

Our team is made up of specialist expert lawyers that can provide practical advice to individuals facing issues with their neighbours, having resolved many disputes over the years.

Amidst what can often be a very difficult and trying time with emotions running high, our team can handle the matter for you and offer tailored and bespoke advice to each individual problem taking in to account the unique circumstances of each case to reach a fast and affordable solution to any problems with the people next door.


If you require advice or assistance in relation to any of these issues or Litigation law matters at Jordans Solicitors we have a dedicated Litigation team who can help. Please dial 01924 387 110 and ask to speak with a member of the Litigation team or request a call back.

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