Our recent blog has focused on how mining has decreased in the UK and how we are now less dependent on coal. However in other countries such as Canada, coal mining is still very prominent.

The British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources have announced that they are expanding two mining divisions known as the Mines Health, Safety and Enforcement Division and the Mines Competitiveness and Authorizations Division.

It is said that $20 million over three years will be spent to make resources in order to improve the mining safety for workers, while also encouraging investment and creating jobs. Additional resources are going to be put in place to enable more frequent inspections on the safety for workers and our environment.

Minister Michelle Mungall said in a recent media statement;

“At the same time, we have a more efficient and predictable permit approval process, to encourage investment and get new projects built without unnecessary delays.”

There is going to be a greater number of mines inspectors and a new auditing function to increase the industries safety. There will also be a new compliance, auditing and monitoring team which will be in charge of making sure the process is running effectively.

The aim and objective is that investment within the mining sector will increase due to effective resourced approval processes.

Edie Thome, president and CEO of the Association of Mineral Exploration, said in the media brief;

“Through our discussions with First Nations, industry, stakeholders and people working in mineral exploration and mining throughout B.C, we gained a sense of what was needed and are pleased to see the necessary resources being committed to deliver in the latest budget.”

It seems that even though the UK are becoming less dependent on coal, other countries are relying on the source and are seeking to improve their resources and safety.


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