It has been announced that the price of a getting a death certificate will nearly triple from this weekend in England and Wales.

The price increase was implemented on 16th February, the Home Office have said the price rise was the first increase since 2010. Families registering a death will be charged £11.00 from Saturday for each death certificate; this is increasing from the previous price of £4.00.

The cost of obtaining a birth or marriage certificate is changing as well, but pricier death certificates will have the most significant impact.

Relatives sometimes require several certificates to provide to different institutions. Some people have many bank accounts and various different investments. For example, certificates might be needed to prove a death to a life assurance company, banks, building societies and investment firms.

Even if the deceased person’s affairs are fairly simple bereaved families may well require five or ten certificates. If the latter, the cost will rise from £40 to £110. It must be noted that ordering extra copies retrospectively is also an extra cost. If a death certificate is required urgently as is sometimes the case, a statutory priority certificate fee of £35 for a 24-hour service will also be introduced.

If you have instructed a solicitor to administer your estate, then they will be able to produce certified copy death certificates, and use them, avoiding the need for you to order so many official copies.


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