Manchester City Football Club has announced a scheme to offer compensation to victims of historical child sexual abuse.

In November 2016, Jane Mulcahy QC led a review to:

  1. Understand whether and if so how, the Club was used by Barry Bennell to facilitate alleged sexual abuse of children,
  2. Discover all indications, if any , any associated evidence as to any use of the Club by any other individual at any point from 1964 to present day to facilitate alleged sexual abuse of children,
  3. Review the Club’s current and future safeguarding procedures and protocols against global best practice benchmarks.

Whilst the review is ongoing, a scheme to compensate young football players at certain Manchester City Football Club or related teams in specified periods has been introduced.

The Club has faced claims that they missed opportunities to stop the abuse by Barry Bennell during the seven years he was linked to Manchester City as a scout and managed local junior teams associated with the club.

Last year, Barry Bennell was convicted of 43 charges relating to 12 former junior players between 1979 and 1990 during his time working for City and Crewe Alexandra. John Broome, who is now deceased, was involved in the club’s youth players in the 1960’s.

For players who suffered abuse by John Broome the eligible period is between the 1st August 1964 and the 31st May 1971. For players who suffered abuse by Barry Bennell the eligible period is between the 1st August 1976 and the 1st November 1979 or between the period of the 1st August 1981 and the 31st December 1984.

Manchester City has made the following statement:

“The club’s review remains ongoing and Manchester City FC continues to be restricted as to what it can make public at present for legal reasons. The club reiterates, however, its heartfelt sympathy to all victims for the unimaginably traumatic experiences that they endured. All victims were entitled to expect full protection from the kind of harm they suffered as a result of their sexual abuse as children.”

The scheme is described as being “unprecedented in British Sport”; an application can be made as an alternative to a civil claim. If you are not satisfied with the sum offered and providing you do not accept this offer there is an option to pursue a claim in the civil courts. A face to face apology from a senior official has also been offered as well as financial compensation.

The scheme allows victims to apply for compensation for general damages, potential loss of earnings if their careers have been affected, therapy fees and legal costs. There will be no confidentiality clause in settlements. The compensation is assessed by reference to a tariff dependent on the nature and extent of the assaults that were suffered; the impact the abuse has had on a person’s employment and whether future therapeutic/counselling treatment is deemed necessary.

The closing date for the scheme is the 11th March 2020.


Jordans Solicitors represent clients who have suffered abuse as a child whilst participating in a sporting activity. If you require advice about your eligibility for the scheme or advice about pursuing a civil case, please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialist Solicitors.

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