Laura Pidcock, MP for North West Durham is calling for an inquiry into the abuse suffered by detainees at the Medomsley Detention Centre.

She has said that;

“lessons must be learned from the failure to protect young people at the centre.”

The inquiry would investigate the physical and sexual abuse which was suffered by inmates. The huge scale of the abuse and the nature of the abuse suffered must mean that the case for an inquiry must be very strong, commented Ms Pidcock.

Medomsley Detention Centre is also to be investigated as part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. This investigation however, would be restricted to investigating sexual abuse which was suffered by inmates under the age of 18.

Ms Pidcock confirmed that she has not spoken publically before due to the legal proceedings which resulted in 3 former officers being imprisoned and 2 former officers waiting to be sentenced. She confirmed that she has written letters to the Home Secretaries and will continue to argue a case for a separate independent inquiry.

Ms Pidcock has made the following statement:

“Over a long period, I’ve listened and spoken to the victims of Medomsley Detention Centre, who have come to me to tell their stories, in the hope of getting some justice.

As well as the extreme violence that was normalised at detention centres across the country in the 1970s and 80s, there was a well organised pattern of sexual abuse at this particular detention centre.
Some of that abuse happened outside the centre, when young men were taken out of Medomsley Detention Centre.

Their stories are harrowing and their experiences at the hands of their abusers have gone on to affect the rest of their lives, for many in tragic ways.

Complaints of physical and sexual abuse at Medomsley Detention Centre number over 1,800, making it the largest single occurrence of abuse in this country.

It is the belief of the men that I have spoken to that not only does this number just scratch the surface (because it is very hard for victims of sexual abuse to come forward) but that the convictions which have taken place so far only reflect a portion of the real abuse that happened at the centre.

The overriding feeling of the men isn’t just a desire for justice, but – as with many victims of sexual abuse – to stop it ever happening again, to other vulnerable children and young adults in detention facilities.”

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