A local motorist has been jailed for two months for using a laser jammer to avoid being caught speeding.

Nicholas Burke used the device to scramble signals from a police camera van on the outskirts of York in February 2018. His vehicle was estimated as travelling in excess of the 60mph speed limit.

Mr Burke pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice at York Crown Court.

The jammer was mounted beneath the grill on the front of Mr Burke’s car. The device worked to prevent a speed reading being taken. However its use activated a code on the camera which indicated to police officers than an illegal jammer was installed to Mr Burke’s vehicle.

North Yorkshire Police said that when interviewed Mr Burke admitted to have a laser jammer attached to his vehicle. He admitted he had the device fitted as he was worried about having points on his licence. Following his conviction Mr Burke has resigned from his job as a Ferrari salesman.

Traffic constable Andy Forth said the prison sentence showed “the courts take a very dim view of people who use jammer devices”.

He also said:

“The purpose of our enforcement fleet is to reduce road casualties,”

“Therefore to use such devices to interfere with speed enforcement – one of the main four causes of fatal and serious-injury collisions – increases the risk to everyone else who uses the county’s roads, and the communities they represent.”

It is undoubted that Mr Forth is correct in his comment that the courts are taking a very dim view of these types of offences. Mr Burke is one in the latest line of custodial sentences imposed for similar offences.


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