John Worboy who is known as the “Black Cab Rapist” was jailed in 2009 for sexual attacks on 12 women in London, has admitted further attacks on 4 more women.

Worboy has pleaded guilty to, administering a drug with the intention of carrying out indecent assaults, rape or sexual activity on 4 women at the Old Bailey. He is due to sentenced on the 2nd September 2019. His plea of guilty prevents the women from having to go through a trial. One of the victims who won a High Court ruling to prevent his release stated that she was shocked at his guilty plea but, “ couldn’t help being cynical about his motives”.

Worboy, who is now using the name, John Derek Radford served an 8 year jail sentence for attacks he committed between 2006 and 2008. Last year the Parole Board stated that remained a danger to the public and ruled that he should remain in prison. They referenced Worboy’s “sense of sexual entitlement and his desire to control women.”

In a previous hearing the Court heard that Worboy, “targeted women who hailed his cab and drugged them in order to sexually assault them.” One victim told the Court that she:

“Hailed Worboys’ taxi in London’s West End in 2000 or 2001. The defendant told her he had won money on the horses before offering her champagne laced with drugs. She awoke the next day naked and with no memory of what happened after accepting the drink.”

The police believe that Worboy may have committed more than 100 rapes or sexual assaults.


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