The Ministry of Justice has revealed that unrepresented personal injury claimants under the Government’s whiplash reform programme will receive access to an independent view of their claim and that a new portal for unrepresented claimants is being developed.

The Ministry of Justice is working with a group of interested parties to support the development of a new IT portal to enable all claimants, including those who are unrepresented to process road traffic accident related personal injury claims, which will fall under the new £5,000 small claims track limit.

The development of the new IT service is designed around the principle that the claimant must be at the heart of the process and that the new portal must be as simple and efficient as possible for unrepresented claimants. The IT system will provide access to a low-cost paper-based system, paid for by the compensator, which will enable unrepresented claimants to seek an independent view from a qualified expert on key elements of their claim.

In addition, MedCo is also developing a process for unrepresented claimants to obtain medical reports within the new system.

The new reforms are attempting to allow individuals to deal with road traffic accident personal injury claims valued (under £5,000) themselves without requiring legal assistance. However, it is unclear when the new portal will come into practice and as to whether there will be any starting issues to begin with.


At Jordans Solicitors we are concerned by the uncertainty of these upcoming reforms. We understand that, as a victim of an accident, you may need help and support to make a claim for compensation and to ensure you receive the correct level of damages. We have a dedicated team of lawyers able to assist you in pursuing a claim for compensation with offices across Yorkshire in Wakefield, Dewsbury, Horsforth and Selby.

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