The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IISCA) has issued a report stating that they have made a provisional decision not to include Medomsley Detention Centre as part of their investigation of Custodial Institutions.

Their reasoning is that the Inquiry can only be properly focused on the institutional response to the sexual abuse of children. At Medomsley, those detained were aged between 17 to 21 years of age and IICSA would be prevented from investigating the abuse which was suffered by those who were aged 18 or over and those who suffered physical abuse.

IICSA have also stated that they have previously investigated custodial institutions and have considered evidence from the Medomsley era and they do not believe that an investigation into what happened at Medomsley would alter their findings.

IICSA have stated that it is ” neither proportionate nor necessary to continue with the investigation.”

Jordans are outraged by this decision and are defending the rights of their clients by sending written submissions to ICSA.

We strongly believe that detainees who suffered abuse whilst at Medomsley should not be excluded from the investigation and there is sufficient evidence to investigate the fact that detainees were subjected to widespread abuse for over three decades and were placed at risk by individuals who were in a position of power.

In our opinion it was right for Medomsley to be initially considered as a case study for the investigation due to the large scale sexual abuse which was suffered there and it remains right for this abuse to be investigated.

For there to be an effective investigation of abuse in custodial institutions and protect children from abuse in State institutions in the future, what happened at Medomsley must be heard and considered.

The provisional decision of IICSA can be found on their website at:

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