Mrs Maryanne Pugsley, 55 a mother of two first spoke out about the allegations, which date back to the 1970s and made a complaint to South Ayrshire Council in the 1990’s but was told there was not enough evidence for the case to proceed to prosecutors.

Mrs Pugsley, who works as a classroom assistant, claims the man abused her over a number of years from the age of 12 and alleges they had a “meeting place” in the middle of the Ayrshire countryside, where their initials are carved into a tree. Two years ago she did ask the local authority for a copy of her complaint file but was told that they couldn’t find any records.

A Police Scotland investigation into the claims was launched in 2016 but no-one was charged. BBC Scotland however now understands the force is now pursuing new leads and Mrs Pugsley has also now launched a civil legal action against South Ayrshire Council seeking compensation for her alleged abuse.

Mrs Puglsey said: “I’m hoping that this investigation will finally lead to resolving my quest for justice and added “Repeatedly revisiting the sexual abuse that I suffered as a child leaves me exhausted, both mentally and physically.

A spokesman for South Ayrshire Council said: “The council is sympathetic to anyone suffering as a result of the unresolved injustice of historical child abuse. We are also confident that there are far more robust procedures in place today which safeguard our children and young people.”

Mrs Puglsey has also lodged a petition at the Scottish Parliament in April of this year calling for a public inquiry into the abuse of children within Scottish state schools, an issue not currently covered by the ongoing Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry.

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