The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) will be investigating allegations of child sexual abuse at Clifton College, Hillside First School and Headlands school.

Clifton College in Bristol, will be the first school that will be investigated by the IICSA in the second phase of the investigations into abuse at residential schools. The public hearing is set to be heard in May 2020.

The IICSA released a statement on Tuesday 19 November that it:

“will take a broader look at safeguarding procedures within the schools sector in general, including day schools. This will include an examination of culture, governance and management when allegations of child sexual abuse are made, while also hearing from teaching unions and the Teaching Regulation Agency.”

Jonathan Thomson-Glover was jailed in 2015 after pleading guilty to 36 counts of taking, making and possessing indecent images of children. He was a former teacher at fee paying Clifton College.

A spokesperson from Clifton College has said:

“The school’s participation relates to the conviction in 2015 of former housemaster, Jonathan Thomson-Glover, after which the school commissioned an independent and thorough investigation into its child protection processes. This report was published in August 2016 and led to extensive changes in our safeguarding policies, procedures and practices. A total commitment to safeguarding is at the very heart of the College and we hope that our assistance to the Inquiry will help to strengthen safeguarding across the sector.”

Nigel Leaf was a teacher at Hillside First School in North Somerset. He was jailed indefinitely after pleading guilty to dozens of offences in 2011. Between 2006 and 2010, five former members of staff at Headlands School were convicted of sexual offences against children. Hillside First School is now known as Worle Village Primary School.

Headlands School in East Yorkshire will also be investigated as in the second phase of the IICSA inquiry. The second phase is due to take place from 11-22 May 2020 in London.

The second phase will be the final phase of the IICSA inquiry into residential schools and will take a broader look at safeguarding procedures within the schools sector in general, including day schools.

The IICSAA inquiry is examining the extent that institutions and organisations have failed to protect children in England and Wales from sexual abuse.

The IICSA aims to make recommendations to ensure that institutions will do more to protect children from sexual abuse in the future.

The IICSA has urged anybody that has first- hand knowledge of allegations of child sexual abuse at Clifton College, Headlands School or Hillside First School can email the Inquiry on with Residential Schools investigation in the subject line, or telephone the Inquiry information line on 0800 917 1000.

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