The Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service, Mr David Sterling has contacted 6 institutions about compensation for victims of Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA).

The payment of compensation to victims and survivors was recommended by the HIA nearly 3 years ago and last month a law was passed allowing state compensation to be paid to victims. It is thought to be the first legislation of its kind.

Mr David Sterling has written to:

  • Barnardos, which ran the Macedon Home in Newtownabbey
  • The Sisters of Nazareth
  • The Good Shepherd Sisters
  • The De La Salle order
  • Irish Church Missions
  • The Sisters of St Louis

to remind them of their obligations and to ensure that “ payments do not fall solely on tax payers.”

They have all been asked to identify a point of contact to oversee the redress payments.

Jon McCourt, from campaign group Survivors North West, has made the following statement:

“It’s not right that the taxpayer has to carry the full burden of the redress process. The compensation was due to be funded from Northern Ireland’s block grant from Westminster, which funds public services such as health and education, and that would be grossly unfair.

We have had amazing support from the general public here in the north . I would hate to think that, as a result of the financial contribution that makes up the redress fund coming off the top of the block grant, we would lose the goodwill of the people who have supported us.”

It is thought that 5,000 victims could eligible to a payment. The HIA inquiry which was chaired by the late Sir Anthony Hart recommended that all victims should receive tax fee lump sum payments ranging from £7500 to £100,000.00 from a Government funded Redress Scheme.

It is not clear when the Government will being to issue payments but civil servants are working with the Northern Ireland Office to progress the scheme as quickly as possible.


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