The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has been investigating complaints against the Police made by a Rotherham woman, who suffered abuse for several years as a child.

The IOPC’s report, the findings of which have been accepted by South Yorkshire Police, has upheld the woman’s complaints. The report has concluded that the Police, “took insufficient action to protect you from harm” and that “Police failed to adequately deal with offenders.”

A complaint was also upheld that, “ the victim’s father was told by a senior – but unidentifiable Officer that the force was aware abuse had been ongoing for 30 years and the Police could not do anything because of racial tensions.
Rotherham’s MP, Sarah Champion told the BBC during an interview on Radio 5:

“Apparently now South Yorkshire Police don’t actually know who the officers were that repeatedly let down this survivor, which I find incredibly difficult to believe.

“I think what we as a town need to see, and definitely for the survivors to get closure, they need to see cases of misconduct. They need to see people held to account.”

She further indicated that, “the IOPC inquiry was the latest in a series of investigations that showed victims and survivors were let down by paid professionals”.

Sammy Woodhouse, who was abused as a teenager in the South Yorkshire town has said that:

“I think for the last six years we’ve more than proved what happened to us. How we were viewed how we were treated, failed, ignored, blamed… unfortunately that’s not a thing of the past, it’s still happening today. We’ve started to now see perpetrators that have committed the rapes and the abuse being held to the account, but yet whenever when it comes to professionals I feel that we constantly hit a brick wall and I don’t think anybody will be ever held to account.”

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