It is always sensible to ensure that you have a valid Will in place. This will ensure that your estate is divided between the people (or charities) you want to receive it, that you can appoint Executors of your choice to manage this process, and if you have children under the age of 18, can appoint guardians you would trust to look after them until that age. Having a will is particularly important in our current climate if you suffer from any underlying health issues or are elderly.

If the recent COVID 19 outbreak has encouraged you to make a Will, we would strongly recommend that you put arrangements in place immediately.

At Jordans Solicitors, we also consider that ideally we meet in person with clients to take initial instructions. This enables our professionals to thoroughly understand your requirements, ensure that your Wills meet all your needs and this can help reduce any risk of the validity of your Will subsequently being challenged.

Currently we are still able to meet with clients in person at our offices, unless you are already suffering from an illness with potential COVID 19 symptoms or otherwise need to self-isolate. We are unfortunately no longer able to meet you in your home, in a care home or hospital.

It is an essential part of the Will making process that it is executed by you in the presence of 2 independent witnesses (who have no financial interest in its contents) . Any need to self-isolate due to the outbreak,  may make this very difficult if no one, other than close family members can visit you, for example if you are self-isolating due to illness, are over 70 and following current Government advice , or are living in a care home which has imposed restrictions on visitors.

Normally, we would have sent you a draft Will for approval following our initial meeting and would then arrange to meet again to execute your Will. Due to the speed that COVID 19 is developing, such a second meeting may not be possible.

Whilst we can currently still process instructions in this way if you would prefer, we now also offer a “Whilst you Wait” service, where we will meet to take your initial instructions, prepare the Will for your Execution at the same meeting or later on the same day. We consider this to be the much more sensible approach if it is possible to meet in person at least once.

In such unusual times we appreciate however coming into our offices may already be impossible and will try to adapt our services where necessary .

If it is not possible to meet in person, we can offer to meet remotely by video link.

Arrangements must still be made so that independent witnesses can be in your presence to execute a valid Will. If you can arrange independent witnesses to attend your home we would be able to supervise the execution process by video link to ensure that the proper formalities are complied with.

Despite these difficulties mentioned above we would always recommend that it is better to have a Will in place than not. With adaptations to our usual service we can to assist you in this process, but now more than ever,  the sooner you start,  the better.

Therefore if you do wish to make a Will, we would strongly encourage you to make the necessary arrangements immediately.


To book an appointment or to talk to someone about your will please feel free to contact our Wills & Probate team on 01924 457171 or free on 0330 300 1103. You can also request a call back and a someone will contact you at a time which is convenient to you.

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