The Independent Inquiry into Child and Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has now published its report on Internet and Child Sexual Abuse. The 120 page report, “The Internet Investigation Report March 2020” highlights the explosion in child sexual abuse assisted by the internet.

Despite advances in technology to detect and prevent online child sexual abuse a significant increase of offences are taking place in the UK and around the world. This is demonstrated by the fact that since 2016, around 450 people per month were arrested in the UK for related offences.

The report highlights the scale of child sexual abuse, in particular the significant number of indecent images of children and it is believed that the number of indecent images being circulated worldwide is in the millions.

The Inquiry heard evidence that the UK is “the third greatest consumer in the world of the live streaming of abuse”.

The report highlights that live-streamed abuse can be accessed for “little more than £1”, offering encouragement to potential offenders to engage in child sexual abuse on a significant scale.

The report also refers to the shocking fact that it is still possible to access indecent child images from common search engines in as little as “three clicks”.

The report concludes that internet companies must do more to pre-screen material before it is uploaded to their platforms and systems

The Inquiry heard evidence from internet companies including Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

The report finds that internet company’s responses appeared reactive rather than proactive and their actions seemed driven by a desire to avoid reputational damage rather than to prioritise protection of children.

Finally the report states that the lack of a comprehensive plan from industry and government to combat this problem should be urgently addressed.

The full report can be found on the IICSA website at


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