Ilfracombe Sex Offender Sentence Increased Five Years

Convicted Ilfracombe (formerly Barnstaple) sex offender, Ross Wyborn, 25, has had his sentence increased by five years.

Wyborn raped a young mother and physically assaulted her two year old daughter, for which the Court of Appeal decided that the original sentence at Exeter Crown Court had been unduly lenient.

Wyborn broke into the victim’s house whilst she was taking a bath and her two year old daughter was asleep in her bedroom.

The victim heard a noise downstairs and got out of the bath to investigate, covering herself with a towel.

Having broken into her house, Wyborn dragged the victim to the floor and made her perform a sexual act before raping her.

The victim’s daughter woke up from the nose of the assault and came out of her bedroom as her mother was being raped.

Wyborn broke off from the act and forcefully threw the little girl back into the bedroom before slamming the door shut and carrying on raping the victim.

At the original trial, Exeter Crown Court were told that Wyborn had been out of prison for less than six weeks when he committed the rape.

Already a registered sex offender with two convictions of sexual assault on a 13 year old girl, Wyborn also had nine previous convictions for burglary.

DNA evidence placed Wyborn at the scene, but he then attempted to lie his way out of the offence by blackening the victim’s name.

The Jury were played the victim’s extremely emotional 999 call, hearing how terrified and hysterical she was, and that she had no idea about the identity of her attacker.

It later emerged that Wyborn had been sofa surfing since his release from prison and was high on cannabis and cocaine when the attack took place.

He was sentenced to ten years in prison at Exeter Crown Court, with a license extension of five years as well as being placed on the sex offenders register for life.

However, the Court of Appeal have now increased his sentence to 15 years with a licence extension of 5 years.


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