Lambeth Council £46million Compensation For Child Abuse

Lambeth Council has paid out over £46million in compensation for child abuse.

Shirley Oaks Survivors Association (SOSA) was set up by Richard Stevenson and his business partner Lucia Hinton in 2014.

Richard had spent his childhood in Shirley Oaks.

He only started the group when his friend Shayne Donnelly, confided in him that he had been sexually abused whilst in care.

Richard set up the group to help get justice for Shayne, but did not realise the amount of survivors that would come forward.

1,760 have come forward so far to the SOSA, with allegations of suffering abuse whilst in the care of Lambeth Council.

The abuse ranged from sexual, physical and racial abuse, spanning from the 1930’s to the early 1990’s in different homes run by Lambeth Council.

Lambeth Council has been forced to issue an apology to the survivors and has acknowledged that the “children were incredibly badly let down”.

So far more than £46million has been paid out through the Redress Scheme.

The highest individual payment was £245,000 and the eldest person to receive compensation was in their 90s.

Relatives of former residents have also received compensation.

620 applications are still to be reviewed, and more survivors are coming forward daily.

It is believed the amount of compensation will be doubled.


Shirley Oaks Home in Croydon, South London

Shirley Oaks home in Croydon, South London, was the biggest children’s care home in the country.

It was an 80 acre site that had cottages and its own school, and closed in 1983.

70% of the victims went to Shirley Oaks.

Allegations of abuse have also been made by victims from 20 other children’s homes run by Lambeth Council.

Stevenson said:

“Every claim is horrendous. And we are still getting new cases every week.”

“We believe there are hundreds more to come forward and the council will have to pay out about £80million in the end.”

“That’s the biggest payout this country has ever seen.”


Metropolitan Police’s Operation Middleton

Operation Middleton was set up the Metropolitan Police and looked at all of the children’s homes run by Lambeth Council over a 20 year period.

The inquiry concluded that at least 35 men and women had abused the children over that period.

However, Stevenson believes that up to 120 paedophiles were abusing the children over a 60 year period, following the testimonies made to the SOSA.

SOSA will not take part in the IICSA as Stevenson believes the inquiry’s “remit is too narrow”.

He believes that the IICSA will not fully expose the abuse that was taking place.

The group is making a documentary instead with testimonies from the survivors.

Lambeth council has said it is “truly sorry for what happened to children in our care in the past”.

A Council spokesperson said:

“Lambeth council gives a full apology for the abuse suffered at our former children’s homes which were open from the 1930s until the 1980s and 90s”.

“They were incredibly badly let down and the redress scheme honours our pledge to face up to the mistakes of the past.”

“The scheme is designed to make sure survivors receive financial compensation more quickly, and keep more of that compensation, than any alternative form of redress.”


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