Bryn Estyn Hall was established as an approved school for boys in 1942, when it was the responsibility of the Home Office. It then became a community home run by the local authority with on-site education in 1973 before being closed in late 1984.

The home was investigated as part of the larger overall investigation into child abuse in North Wales as part of the Waterhouse Inquiry. Large numbers of former residents made allegations of both physical and sexual abuse. This has resulted in the convictions of staff members such as, among others, Stephen Norris, who was jailed for 3 years in 1990 and a further 7 years in 1993 for various sexual offences against minors, and Peter Howarth, who was jailed for 10 years in 1993 for similar offences.

Jordans have achieved successful compensation for several former residents of Bryn Estyn that suffered abuse.

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