Jordans Solicitors have been appointed as Lead Solicitors in the Leeds Children’s Home Group Litigation.

There are currently over 70 civil cases proceeding in the Leeds County Court. The Claimants are claiming compensation for sexual and physical abuse and assaults which they were subjected to in Leeds City Council care homes by members of teaching, care and night staff.  The allegations span several decades.

The cases are all managed by the same Judge in the same court. This means that the Judge becomes familiar with the issues and the cases. A Group Litigation Order has been made by the court, you will often see this referred to as a GLO. This is just the technical term for the written directions that the judge gives. A GLO will deal with how cases should be progressed and set out who can join the group and the steps that must be taken in order to join.

The Leeds Children’s Home GLO is drafted quite widely and whilst the following children’s homes are specifically referred to, it is open for any individual who is pursuing a claim for abuse/assaults at any children’s home  owned/manages by Leeds City Council to join the group:

There is as yet no cut off date for joining the group, but it is very important that anyone with a potential claim contacts us immediately. Where your claim relates to childhood abuse and many years have already passed it is essential that you take action as soon as you become aware that you are able to. Molly Frost in our abuse team is heading up the legal team working on the cases. If you want to discuss a potential claim and find out what is involved and how we can help you please give Molly or one of her team a call.

There is also an ongoing police investigation into allegations of abuse at Leeds City Council Children’s Homes, Operation Polymer. This investigation relates to several homes across the Leeds area, including, but not limited to:

  • Shadwell;
  • Eastmoor;
  • Whinmoor;
  • Westwood Grange;
  • Street Lane Children’s Home (the Alverton Assessment Centre);
  • Wellstone Drive Children’s Home;
  • Ainsty Lodge;
  • Thorpe Arch Grange;
  • Armley Manor;
  • Broom Court;
  • Lupton Crescent.

Several former members of staff have already been convicted in respect of offence committed against boys whilst working at the home. Roy Lovatt and Roy Allen from Thorp Arch Grange received prison sentences in February 2017. Leonard Lake and Melvyn Blake were convicted in respect of sexual offences at Shadwell in March 2017 and John Foreman of similar offences committed at Street Lane in April 2017. Further trials are due to take place later this year. Seymour Stephenson-Dall from Eastmoor children’s home pleaded guilty to offences in 2016.

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