This scheme deals with applications for compensation payments to young football players at certain Manchester City Football Clubs (MCFC) or related teams in specified periods. The closing date for the scheme is the 11th March 2020.

The compensation scheme relates to abuse suffered by Barry Bennell and John Broome.

For players who suffered abuse by Barry Bennell the period is between the 1st August 1976 and the 1st November 1979 or between the period of the 1st August 1981 and the 31st December 1984.

For players who suffered abuse by John Broome the eligible period is between the 1st August 1964 and the 31st May 1971.

The abuse must have taken in the course of each man’s scouting or coaching work with the MCFC Feeder Teams or MCFC Related Teams and they held themselves out as acting for the club.

MCFC Feeder Teams have been listed as Whitehill, Whitehill Boys, Bluestar, Pegasus, Xerxes, Midas and Adswood Amateurs.

MCFC Related Teams have been listed as Palace, White Knowl and Glossop Juniors.

If you were a young player for the one of the above teams and suffered physically or sexually abuse by John Broome of Barry Bennell during one of the eligible periods you are entitled to a compensation payment provided you meet the following specific criteria:

1. You must provide evidence that you played football for a MCFC Feeder Team or MCFC Related Team and suffered relevant abuse;

2. As far as reasonably practicable, provide all and any statements given to the Police and/or Crown Prosecution Service, including witness statements given in all respect of any criminal trial of complaint relating to or associated with the activities of John Broome or Barry Bennell;

3. Otherwise provide evidence the relevant abuse;

a) How I happened, how it arose and what happened afterwards, including: what acts took place, when it took place by date if possible, the frequency and the duration;

b) Whether individuals, including fellow team members, other than the perpetrator were involved in or were aware of the relevant abuse and if so identity those individuals;

c) Whether you informed anyone of the relevant abuse at the time it occurred or subsequently before making the claim and if so who, and the circumstances in which others were informed, including how they can be contacted;

d) Whether you are relying on contemporary documentary evidence that supports the abuse and if so identify and/or provide a copy of the evidence relied on;

e) Provide any draft or final Consultant Psychiatric report relating to the abuse suffered;

4. Indicate whether you are seeking an offer consisting of each or all of a General Damages Redress Offer, a Disadvantage in the Labour Market Redress Offer and/or a Therapeutic Costs Redress offer.

If the above criteria can be meet then you are entitled receive a compensation payment for general damages, potential loss of earnings if your career has been affected, therapy fees and legal costs. There will be no confidentiality clause in settlements.

The compensation is assessed by reference to a tariff dependent on the nature and extent of the assaults that were suffered; the impact the abuse has had on a person’s employment and whether future therapeutic/counselling treatment is deemed necessary.

In addition to a financial award of compensation, MCFC are offering a face to face apology by a senior club official.

Our team will be able to advise you whether you met the eligibility criteria to enable your application to succeed and the route which is most suitable for your claim. We can also assist in completing the application form and the preparation of a statement to provide evidence to show the abuse you have suffered or the environment you lived in and how this has affected your life.

What can we do?

The effects of abuse on a child can have far reaching implications, having an extreme impact on their development as adults and their day to day functioning.

Our Lawyers are here to provide support and guidance at a very difficult time. If you or someone you know has suffered abuse in any of the situations outlined above please contact the Abuse team on our dedicated Freephone number 0800 9555 094 and one of our Specialist Child Abuse Lawyers will be happy to discuss your situation in confidence.

Whilst we cannot change what has happened in the past, we will endeavour to recover compensation to allow you to seek the required support to rebuild your life.

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