Medomsley Detention Centre was a youth detention centre in Consett, County Durham, which operated the “short sharp shock” regime from the late 1960s until 1990. Inmates were subjected to brutal and indiscriminate violence from a number of officers and staff members. Two members of staff, Neville Husband and Leslie Johnson, were convicted of sexual offences against inmates; Husband being convicted twice for the most serious sexual assaults, in 2003 and 2005. Both abusers are now dead.

Durham Police are currently investigating over 1,500 complaints in relation to Medomsley, including both physical and sexual abuse. If you were subjected to abuse whilst at Medomsley, we would recommend you speak to one of the officers involved in “Operation Seabrook” by calling 101.

A number of former officers at Medomsley have been charged and are due to face trial in 2018 for physically and sexually assaulting inmates at Medomsley. These officers are:

  • Kevin Blakey, 65, charged with two counts of misconduct, two counts of wounding and two of assault.
  • Alan Bramley, 69, charged with misconduct, wounding and two counts of assault.
  • Johnson Brian Greenwell, 70, charged with misconduct, false imprisonment, two counts of assault and a further count of committing a serious sexual offence.
  • David McClure, 62, charged with misconduct, wounding and four counts of assault.
  • John McGee, 73, charged with misconduct, four counts of assault, two counts of indecent assault, wounding and a further count of committing a serious sexual offence.
  • Christopher Onslow, 71, charged with two counts of misconduct, two of buggery without consent, two counts of wounding, two counts of wounding with intent, three counts of assault and one of indecent assault.
  • Neil Sowerby, 60, charged with misconduct, two counts of assault, four counts of indecent assault and three counts of committing a serious sexual offence.

Jordans Solicitors have settled a significant number of cases in relation to Medomsley Detention Centre, and currently represent a large number of clients who allege physical and sexual abuse. We are part of a Steering Group collectively handling claims for over 1,000 clients affected by abuse at Medomsley.  We continue to work closely with Durham Police with their investigation.

Jordans Solicitors have a dedicated team of highly specialist lawyers who can ensure your claim is handled sensitively, enabling you to secure the best outcome from those responsible for your traumatic experiences.

If you would like help with pursuing a claim, please make contact with us by e-mail, telephone on our freephone number or by completing a request a call back form.

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