We can help you with:

  • Recovering damages for lost "Services" awards under the original government compensation scheme
  • Recovering damages for lost "handicap" under the original government compensation scheme
  • Recovering damages for lost earnings because of Vibration White Finger

Jordan’s Solicitors  Provides Expert Support and Legal Advice to Ex-Miners About Vibration White Finger (VWF) Claims.

Are you an ex-miner who received a payment for Vibration White Finger under the government scheme that ran between 1998 and 2010? You are able to check if you should have been paid more and claim it back now.

The Miners Vibration White Finger (VWF) Negligence team have supported ex-miners to recover lost services awards from their original solicitors since 2008.

You may not have received your full award.

The VWF scheme entitled miners to claim a fixed sum for the condition and also damages for its ongoing effects on daily life. Miners who were no longer able to carry out the following tasks without help could claim additional damages called “Services”.

• Maintaining their car;
• Washing their car;
• Cleaning their windows;
• Gardening;
• DIY;
• Decorating.

Figures released in 2011 show many miners did not claim a Services award when the level of symptoms they were suffering from qualified them to do so. The average Service awards made according to the same figures was £11,000.

Miners were also entitled to a separate award for the effect Vibration White Finger could have on their future work prospects (“handicap claims”) and for any actual loss of earnings they had suffered.

It may be that you did not claim for all parts of your claim because you were given wrong or incomplete advice.

It’s not too late to claim your missing awards.

Jordans Solicitors have been helping ex-miners throughout the country since 2008 reclaim their lost awards from the solicitors who handled their claim. We can look at your original claim to check what happened in your case, free of charge and without obligation.

Act immediately as such claims are subject to time limits.

Frequently asked Questions

How Would I Pay For a Claim?

Financing a claim can be a major concern for many people who may be entitled to compensation, with many people put off by the potential costs of making a claim. This is where Jordans Solicitors can help you.

We may be able to take your case under a Conditional Fee Agreement, also known as a “No Win, No Fee” Agreement. At your initial consultation, our experts will advise whether you qualify for a No Win, No Fee service and explain in full the terms of such an agreement. In brief, as long as you stick to certain obligations, such as providing regular instructions, under a Conditional Fee Agreement you will not be charged unless we secure you compensation either by out of court settlement or legal proceedings.

If you are not successful, you will be charged nothing, hence “No Win, No Fee”. The law in relation to these agreements changed in 2013. It now states that, if your claim succeeds, the Defendants are responsible for your basic legal costs. Your solicitor will then be entitled to a “success fee” payable from your damages, which is calculated as a percentage of the legal costs. In most cases, this success fee will be capped by agreement. Jordans will work tirelessly to ensure that we maximise any damages to which you are entitled.

Am I Too Late to Make a Claim?

This will depend on when your original award was made. There are time limits in making these claims and we would suggest you contact us as soon as possible to enquire whether you are still able to make a claim

Can I Transfer My Claim?

Our solicitors have specific expertise in helping miners recover tens of thousands of pounds in lost damages. If you have started a claim with a firm that does not specialise in VWF negligence claims then speak to Jordans today and we’ll advise you on whether you are getting the best advice

Our Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Jordans are one of only a handful of firms who specialise in this type of claim and are committed to ensuring all ex-miners recover the full awards they were entitled to under their original claim.

Our VWF Negligence team is led by Christine Sands. Contact us today and we will arrange a rapid local appointment with an experienced Vibration White Finger Professional Negligence solicitor who can look into your case. You can contact us on 01924 457171 or request a call-back. Our Yorkshire offices are based in Wakefield, Dewsbury, Horsforth, Selby or Penistone.


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